Ten Easy Changes to Add Natural Options to your Life

Just like New Year’s Resolutions, changes don’t need to be life altering in order to make a huge impact on your daily life. Here are ten easy things you can implement that will help you make shifts in your home and your life to meet your natural goals.

Check Out These Ten Easy Changes

  1. Exchange “smell good” candles for diffusers. Most essential oils cost less per drop than a 12-hour burning candle. You will be decreasing the chemicals emitted into the air of your home. And as added bonuses, you may also boost your immune system and increase your mood while freshening the air.
  2. Change out your everyday cleaner. Do you use Lysol wipes because they are easier and more convenient to grab? I did too. But, since I’m now cleaning surfaces my kids eat off of, I don’t want any chemicals absorbed into their food or getting on their hands. Enter, doTerra’s OnGaurd cleaner concentrate. I bought glass spray bottles from Amazon, mixed the recommended amount with water,  and I have an easy to use everyday cleaner. A non-toxic spray for every surface in your house. Did you know that the OnGaurd blend fights off not just bacteria, but viruses too? And it smells like Christmas? Thank you very much.
  3. Start using wool dryer balls instead of dryer sheets. Studies have shown that while dryer sheets smell good, the synthetic “fragrance” used could trigger asthma attacks. Wool dryer balls also help to dry clothes faster, decreasing your energy bill. Want clothes to have a fresh scent? Add essential oils to the balls before throwing them in the dryer.
  4. Turn your electronic devices off 30 minutes before going to bed. Shut down that phone. Turn off the television. Grab a warm cup of tea and a good book to help calm your mind. This will help you fall asleep faster and sleep a more deep, sound sleep. 
  5. Decrease your caffeine intake. This is an area where I struggle! However much caffeine you are taking into today, drink only half tomorrow. Then continue decreasing until you are consuming the minimal amount you need. Or none. 
  6. Move your body. Regardless of age, weight, or weather, there is a way to move your body today. Go for a walk around your neighborhood. Look up a yoga video online and try 10 minutes of it. Walk up and down your stairs once an hour during the day. Sitting at a desk working? Get up and stand for the first 10 minutes of every hour. Make a dance playlist and have Google or Alexa play it on demand. Get the whole family involved, even pets, and dance till your heartbeat increases. 
  7. Not ready to change out all your beauty products? Try adding essential oils to the products you use daily. When you add Frankincense oil to your daily lotion will produce softer, younger-looking skin. Or if you have acne-prone skin, try adding Tea Tree oil to your routine. It has antibacterial and antifungal properties that can cause skin irritations. Cedarwood oil can stimulate hair growth. Just add a few drops to a carrier oil like coconut or jojoba oil, massage into scalp and hair, and let rest for 30 minutes and wash or leave in all night. 
  8. Take care of your gut. Experts are starting to call the gut the “second brain.” Your immune system, serotonin levels, and clotting factors all live within the 25 feet of intestines inside your abdomen. There are hundreds of good bacteria living in your gut. Giving them as much support as possible is vital to your overall health. Eating foods rich in both Prebiotic and Probiotics can significantly increase the strength of your gut health. You can accomplish this by adding foods such as oats, bananas, and legumes, yogurt and kimchi to your daily menu. Or maybe you want to add in a daily Probiotic supplement. This is the one we use in our household. It is double encapsulated so much of the probiotic is not destroyed in the stomach, but makes it to the small intestines where it is most needed.
  9. Make a list of healthy snacks you like. Then use this list to exchange out one unhealthy snack for a good one. Do you usually eat chips in the afternoon? Try a handful of veggie sticks instead. Need something sweet after each meal? Find a fruit that meets that sweet craving and try it instead. Unable to not eat the entire candy bar? Buy bite-sized candies like M&Ms instead. Use a small snack container, portion out for the day by calorie count or sugar intake, and stick to eating only those. That way you know how many you have eaten and you are not tempted by sticking your hand back into a full container. 
  10. Cook at home. I saved this one for last because it is not the easiest of habits to change. We all know that eating at home can save money. It can also help you to portion control food and to make healthy food choices. I am a person who needs to cook the meals at the beginning of the week and have them easily accessible as the days go on. This will not become a cooking blog because that is not my talent or gifting. Honestly, my best kitchen trick is to buy an already cooked rotisserie chicken and use it in all the different ways as the week goes on. Salads. Sandwiches. With a side of veggies. It does not have to be fancy, but having food already prepared and in your fridge will make it easier to say no when you want the convenience of eating out or grabbing food through the drive-thru. 

Remember, you only need to make one change at a time. Pace yourself, no one is grading you. 😉

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