What to do with my Essential Oil Starter Kit?

You may be surprised to learn that I meet people all the time who went to an essential oil class, bought a starter kit or a few oils that smelled good that evening, received the kit in the mail, and then never opened it. Let me repeat that, never opened the box.  Maybe you’re reading this and you aren’t surprised because you are this person?

Why are People Avoiding the Essential Oils they Buy?

What causes people to not open the box? Is it fear of what is inside? Have you lost interest in trying options? Are they too busy to sit down and learn a new way of managing their health? Are you afraid they are going to hurt themselves with the oils? Did you make a purchase because learned some new information but now you can’t remember what facts convinced you these were the right oils for your natural journey?

If you are one of the people who has not opened your box and you can answer yes to one or more of the questions above then today is your day! Let’s open that box!!!

Steps to Getting Started with Your Essential Oil Starter Kit

Step One

Find your box of oils. Brush off the dust. Cut open the tape that’s keeping it closed and take it to a comfortable spot. Get yourself a glass of water and collect any oily supplies you might already have in your home. Examples include a diffuser, some coconut oil (fractionated or otherwise), or maybe a book or handout you have about essential oils. 

Step Two

Open that baby up! Take out everything in the box and set it out in front of you. What do you have in front of you? Bottles of oils? Supplements? Rubs or lotions? Some of these will have multiple uses, some will have a single purpose.

Oils. Each bottle should have the name of the oil on the front of the bottle. Does it say Lemon or Peppermint or Lavender? This should mean that is the only oil in that specific bottle. Just Lemon. Just Peppermint. Just Lavender. If you are using a high-quality theraputic grade essential oil then this will be the case.

If you see a name like Serenity or OnGaurd or Breathe on the bottle this indicates a blend of oils. Look on the back of the bottle, it should list for you exactly what oils comprise that specific blend. One other thing to note: the front of the label should tell you how much oil is in the bottle. The most common sizes are 5ml, 15ml, or 30ml. ML stands for milliliter. 

Step Three

Choose a bottle of oil to open. Go with one you might recognize. Smell the inside of the cap. How does it smell to you? Refreshing? Calming? Bitter? Terrible? While essential oils are powerful tools, not all are aromatically pleasing. Repeat this process with each bottle. Is there one or two oils that you really liked? Try them in a diffuser.

Not sure how to use your diffuser, check out my diffuser tutorial here

Here are a few of my favorite diffuser recipes I use in my home.

Step Four

Now, wasn’t that simple? You are on your way to using your kit! But don’t stop there. Each essential oil has multiple ways you can utilize it, however, since I am not sitting next to you to see exactly what oils you have in your kit.

Because of this, our tutorial is limited to the basic steps of getting started. But that doesn’t mean you should stop there. I love helping people get started using their oils. I offer wellness consultations in person or over the phone. If we are able to meet face to face I will bring goodies to help you with the next few steps. Send me a message through this site to get started.

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