About Me

Lindsy Banks The Lazy Naturalist

I’m Lindsy. Wife, mama to two littles, nurse and part time naturalist. Not part time in that I’m all in for a few months and then quit all together. Part time in that I do the best I can to incorporate natural things into my daily life and for my family, but sometimes it just doesn’t happen. I may not go to the gym for a week, or three. Or my kids have a cookie for breakfast. Or we eat pizza for dinner more than once in a four day span. Life can be busy. My mind is often overloaded. As much as I desire healthy options for me and my family, I find that I need those options to be easy and convenient. Like my shopping habit with Amazon.

My desire for us to use more natural options started about three years ago. I just had a baby, was very hormonal, and very overwhelmed with all the potential hazards there are in the world for him. Should he eat peanut butter? What do I do when he falls asleep in his carseat, wake him? Do I wash his clothes in regular detergent? Can I use the lavender baby lotion everyone bought us as a gift? 

And that is where this journey started. Lavender essential oil. I just wanted a way to make a soothing lotion for him that did not have all the chemicals. I found a friend with some oils. Got a sample of Lavender. Looked on the internet for how to use it. Very quickly became overwhelmed with all the options. What is FCO? What is a dilution rate? How do I dilute it? Where do I apply it? I’m positive that I put far too much oil on him in the beginning. But I liked the result. I liked that I felt empowered to make a small change for my family.

That empowerment has led me to seek out more education, friends and business partners who love natural things, and even a certification in aromatherapy. Honestly, the certification is my nerd side coming out. I love science and the human body. It is an incredible machine of so many interconnected parts. I needed to know more of how the natural elements I was using would affect my cells. 

Now how did I get here? This space comes out of a truly honest conversation I had with myself and a few close friends. We are overwhelmed by all the “advice” given when it comes to going natural. We feel defeated when we see someone using this oil and that roller and ALL the supplements because it was a struggle to remember to rollerball our kids on the way out the door. We don’t want recipes that have obscure oils in it we don’t own. We want to be able to find simple answers 

When it comes down to the day to day, I need it to be easy. I need it simplified. I want a space where it is ok to start slow, that adding one natural option into your life is a success, and to be able to celebrate that you are being empowered to make a difference for you and the ones you love around you. I am a Lazy Naturalist and you can be one too.