Doing it the Lazy Way

This is a place for those of us who want to incorporate natural options into our lives, but haven’t found the support we need. 

Going natural doesn’t have to be all or nothing. Starting small is ok. Not using essential oils every day doesn’t mean you are a failure.  Not taking supplements doesn’t mean you can’t be a naturalist. Going to the gym only once or twice a week doesn’t mean you aren’t making the right changes for your health.  

Why are we so hard on ourselves when making a change?

Often it’s because it’s what we think everyone else is doing it. Our neighbor hosted a class and made natural products seem magical and we wanted the same. But then the box came, we got busy, and just haven’t had time to even think about what a rollerball is or to set up a diffuser in every room in the house.

You are not alone. 

A Lazy Naturalist is someone who exchanged out vegetables for meat in their lasagna.

A Lazy Naturalist is someone who carries their vitamins in their purse because they can’t remember to take them before they leave in the morning.

A Lazy Naturalist is someone who has 5 secret Pinterest boards about essential oils, keto diets, and 10 minute exercise workouts, but is just too scared to take the first step.

A Lazy Naturalist is someone who ordered water instead of diet coke.

A Lazy Naturalist is someone who only has one bottle of essential oils, but it’s learning how to use that one oil.

A Lazy Naturalist is someone who took advantage of cooler weather and went for a walk, and maybe caught up on their favorite guilty pleasure podcast.

A Lazy Naturalist is someone who desires a change and is making small or large steps toward those goals.

Let’s create a movement of support encouraging each other in the small steps we are making towards natural living. Look around. Check out the articles. Try a recipe. Let me answer your questions, give you suggestions, and cheer you on!