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What to do with my Essential Oil Starter Kit?

You may be surprised to learn that I meet people all the time who went to an essential oil class, bought a starter kit or a few oils that smelled good that evening, received the kit in the mail, and then never opened it. Let me repeat that, never opened the box.  Maybe you’re reading this and you aren’t surprised because you are this person?

Why are People Avoiding the Essential Oils they Buy?

What causes people to not open the box? Is it fear of what is inside? Have you lost interest in trying options? Are they too busy to sit down and learn a new way of managing their health? Are you afraid they are going to hurt themselves with the oils? Did you make a purchase because learned some new information but now you can’t remember what facts convinced you these were the right oils for your natural journey?

If you are one of the people who has not opened your box and you can answer yes to one or more of the questions above then today is your day! Let’s open that box!!!

Steps to Getting Started with Your Essential Oil Starter Kit

Step One

Find your box of oils. Brush off the dust. Cut open the tape that’s keeping it closed and take it to a comfortable spot. Get yourself a glass of water and collect any oily supplies you might already have in your home. Examples include a diffuser, some coconut oil (fractionated or otherwise), or maybe a book or handout you have about essential oils. 

Step Two

Open that baby up! Take out everything in the box and set it out in front of you. What do you have in front of you? Bottles of oils? Supplements? Rubs or lotions? Some of these will have multiple uses, some will have a single purpose.

Oils. Each bottle should have the name of the oil on the front of the bottle. Does it say Lemon or Peppermint or Lavender? This should mean that is the only oil in that specific bottle. Just Lemon. Just Peppermint. Just Lavender. If you are using a high-quality theraputic grade essential oil then this will be the case.

If you see a name like Serenity or OnGaurd or Breathe on the bottle this indicates a blend of oils. Look on the back of the bottle, it should list for you exactly what oils comprise that specific blend. One other thing to note: the front of the label should tell you how much oil is in the bottle. The most common sizes are 5ml, 15ml, or 30ml. ML stands for milliliter. 

Step Three

Choose a bottle of oil to open. Go with one you might recognize. Smell the inside of the cap. How does it smell to you? Refreshing? Calming? Bitter? Terrible? While essential oils are powerful tools, not all are aromatically pleasing. Repeat this process with each bottle. Is there one or two oils that you really liked? Try them in a diffuser.

Not sure how to use your diffuser, check out my diffuser tutorial here

Here are a few of my favorite diffuser recipes I use in my home.

Step Four

Now, wasn’t that simple? You are on your way to using your kit! But don’t stop there. Each essential oil has multiple ways you can utilize it, however, since I am not sitting next to you to see exactly what oils you have in your kit.

Because of this, our tutorial is limited to the basic steps of getting started. But that doesn’t mean you should stop there. I love helping people get started using their oils. I offer wellness consultations in person or over the phone. If we are able to meet face to face I will bring goodies to help you with the next few steps. Send me a message through this site to get started.

What is an essential oil?

Anytime you research natural options it’s likely you will come across suggestions to implement essential oil regiments. These ideas may have even been what brought you here. 

Essential oils have been in use for thousands of years. Frankincense and Myrrh were gifted to Jesus. In 300BC, Hippocrates, the Father of Modern medicine, used Oregano oil as an antiseptic and for stomach and respiratory ailments, and Lavender oil has been a long time favorite of parents for helping to calm and soothe their children. Even the main pain fighting chemical component of aspirin, Salicylic, originated from Willow Bark, a plant still used for pain relief today.

But when you hear the term essential oil, what does that actually mean?

An essential oil is a compound removed from within the roots, flowers, seeds, bark and other parts of the plant. They are highly concentrated making them very powerful and potent. While essential oils often have a pleasing aroma, they actually help to protect the plant from harsh environments or threats. These oils are distilled from the plants and then used for their chemical compounds to fight off illness, strengthen the immune system, decrease inflammation, and even calm the mind and spirit to name of few of the benefits.

Did you know that not all essential oils are the same? There are many components involved in keeping the chemical make up of an essential oil pure. Geography, distillation process, even the time of day the plant is harvested can change the chemical compound of the oil. These components contribute to the purity of the oil. And purity is what we want to strive for to create the highest quality theraputic grade essential oils.

Spending money on an inferior product usually leads to frustration and poor results. I would rather use 3-4 drops of Lavender oil than 10-12 drops because the oil I bought is watered down to save me money. When you think about it, if I’m using more how much money am I saving anyway? Pool quality oils could also lead to having unnecessary chemicals diffusing throughout my house or worse, I could be rubbing those chemicals on my kids’ skin.

How do you find pure essential oils you ask? Great question.

Here is my list of what I look for when purchasing essential oils.

  1. Where was the original plant grown and thus the oil sourced from? 
  2. What is the distillation process for that oil?
  3. What is the testing process for the oil once it is distilled? Can I see a report that says exactly the chemical make-up of the oil in the bottle?
  4. Can I talk to the company selling the oil? Can they track my bottle of oil if something were to go wrong? 

You should be able to answer yes to every one of these questions.

the testing and scientific study of essential oils

In the United States, the FDA is not in the business of regulating supplements or essential oils. They do have some restrictions, but they are not going to do the testing for us. We have to seek out companies that are willing to go above and beyond in distilling and testing to sell a pure product we can trust.

Never be afraid to ask hard questions or seek more information. And like most things in life, cheaper does not always mean better.

I’m confident in the oils I use on myself and my family. You can be too. When you need more information about what essential oils to buy, Click here to send me a message and I would love to help answer your questions. 

I think I’m getting sick, What do I do Now?

First, take a deep breathe. Everyone gets sick. Nurses. Vegans. Children. Naturalist. If you are human, the odds of you getting sick in one way or another are 100%. It does not mean you have failed yourself or your family. There are options. Take another deep breathe.

Follow this action plan when the first symptoms of getting sick begin. It may or may not stop the illness in its tracks entirely, but it will help to shorten the amount of time you are down for the count. The quicker you rebound the better for everyone, but most importantly, for you.


drink water, water

Drink plenty of water. 8-10 eight ounce glasses of water while you are awake. Water helps to flush toxins out of our bodies. The more you drink, the better chance your body has to rid itself of the bugs. Add some citrus to your water to amplify the detox effect.


sleep, rest

Get some rest. Rest does not mean you have to be sleeping. Rest means your body is in a calm state. It is not requiring extra energy. So cancel your plans. Stay home. Lay on your couch and binge watch a new show. The added benefit of staying home is that you are keeping your germs to yourself.

Hand Washing

hand washing, illness prevention

Wash your hands. Did you know that washing with soap and water is the number one way to prevent the spread of disease? Additionally, the flu is a virus which means “antibacterial hand sanitizer” does not kill it off. Only soap and water will rid you of the flu virus. Hand washing might seem like a lost cause since you have already caught a bug, but it will minimize the spread of the infection around your house or public places you have been.

Say No to Sugar

sugar, candy, say no to sugar

No, this picture is not telling you to load up on your favorite comfort candy. It is me actually telling you the opposite. Stop any sugar intake. Sugar is fuel for bacteria and viruses. The more you take in, the more you feed your virus and stronger more intense your illness symptoms will be making it harder for your body to work to fight it off. 

Elderberry syrup

Elderberry syrup

Have you heard other people talking about elderberry syrup and thought it was just hype? Elderberries contain antioxidants strong in fighting off colds and flus. This can also be used daily as a preventative measure, especially throughout the winter months. Elderberry syrup comes in liquid or gummy form and can be taken daily as a preventative measure, not just when you are sick. Check your local farmer’s markets or stores, there is usually a local source and we love to support our farmers!

Good ol’ Chicken Noodle Soup

chicken noodle soup

Eat some chicken noodle soup. I know, I know, this might seem like an odd recommendation, but there is power in the soup. The warmth of the soup can help to break up congestion of a cold or flu. Chicken is a great source of protein which your body needs as fuel to fight off illness and also has anti-inflammatory properties. The warm salty liquid can soothe a sore throat. The vegetables have vitamins and minerals strong in adding the immune response. And finally, there is something emotionally comforting in eating this soup when we are feeling down. This positive emotional response aids your body in producing “happy” hormones which decrease inflammation. 

Theraputic Grade Essential Oils

Yep, I’m recommending those “witch oils” we keep talking about. Do you have them and just not use them? Time to bring them out. You don’t have to wait to be on death’s door. Start at the first sign of feeling bad.

The big daddy oils I like to use when I feel sickness creeping up are Lemon for its detoxification properties, Tea Tree for its anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties, Frankincense to boost the immune system, Lavender and Peppermint because they have a synergistic (read, best friends for life) effect on boosting the anti-microbial activity in the body. And last but not least, the anti-viral, Oregano. If you haven’t read my article on “What is an essential oil?”, Oregano was often used by Hippocrates like we use antibiotics. Prescribed for 7-10 days. The doTerra blend I use the most when it comes to illness is OnGuard. It is the right mixture of virus and bacteria booty kicking oils. How do I use these? Great question!

  • I add 8 drops of each into a 10ml rollerball, fill the rest of the way with fractionated coconut oil. I apply this to my neck and down my spine every hour while awake and when I go to bed while I’m feeling sick and for two days after I’m feeling better. Like antibiotics, you don’t stop using oils when you feel better, you give your body extra support to keep fighting those nasty little infection bugs away. Need more help with making a rollerball? Check out this quick tutorial.
  • I diffuse all day and night. Add Tea Tree, Lemon, Peppermint and Lavender to a diffuser and run that baby like its your job. This will also help to purify the air in your home. Not sure how to use a diffuser? Check out my tutorial here.
  • I clean my house with the OnGuard. Now, I mean, I’m not on my hands and knees because I’m sick and tired, but I am wiping down the common use areas in the house. Doorknobs, countertops, remotes, my phone, kids toys.
  • I start the same protocols on the people in my home. We all know the “once one kid gets sick, they all will” syndrome. Why wait for that to happen? Start dosing them now with all the immune boosting goodies and ward off those evil bacterias and viruses.


Give yourself some grace. Even the healthiest immune system in the world will get worn out sometimes. And if you’re a lazy naturalist like me, then you know that you are doing the best you can to care for yourself and your family. If you are reading this article, then you are already ahead. You care about your health and that can be half the battle. You want the best for yourself and your family, and I am here to keep helping you along. Now go take a nap.