The Naturalist Language

What are all these foreign words I keep hearing people use when they talk about going natural? Carrier Oil. Rollerballs. Diffuser. Essential Oil. Supplements. 

Before I went to nursing school, I was a CNA, or certified nursing assistant. Part of my training was a medical terminology course. This course was full of words I had never heard of or had ever used. I think it should have counted as one of foreign language classes since many of the words I learned have a Greek beginning and end. I didn’t know at the time that I would learn to speak a different language as a nurse. A universal language needed in the medical world to simplify the thousands of diagnoses, medications, and parts of the human body. To make sure we are all speaking the same language.

The same happens in a naturalist world, a new language has emerged. But not all of us have time to sit and “take a course” in it. So let’s break down the most commonly used terms right here for you to be able to reference as needed. 

Common Naturalist Terms:

Diffuser: This usually small machine works to dispense essential oil into the air to easily be absorbed into the body. It also has the benefit of purifying the air and making it smell better.

RollerBall: Usually made of glass, the cylinder vials hold different amounts of essential oils with carrier oils. Then a plastic top with a metal rolling ball is applied. This makes it easy to take the essential oils with you and apply conveniently as needed. 

Carrier Oil: A plant-based liquid such as coconut oil or avocado oil used to dilute a pure essential oil. It can also be used to help apply essential oils to a larger surface. 

Fractionated coconut oil: One of the most popular types of carrier oil. This is coconut oil that has had the fat removed so it will stay liquid at room temperature

Supplement: Often referred to as a dietary supplement, it is a tablet or liquid form to provide nutrients you may not be receiving from your everyday diet. 

VeggieCapsules: This one will need a picture to help explain. But think of any “capsule” you’ve taken. You can buy empty ones to fill them with essential oils and then swallow without having to taste the essential oil. 

Have more terms that you just don’t know or understand? Send me a message and I’d be happy to help you.